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Travel Email Marketing Is More Powerful Than You Think

PHOTO: Ian Lamont_CC

PHOTO: Ian Lamont_CC


 Because of the travel industry’s complex sales funnel, e-mail is the ultimate way to steadily grow your bookings — without having to lure more traffic to your website.

Websites aren’t the best tool for selling travel (and keep in mind, I’m a website copywriter).

That’s because research shows most travelers visit a whopping 38 sites before finally deciding to buy a vacation package. So no matter how brilliant your online content is or how tantalizing your tour packages are, there’s just no escaping one simple fact…

It’s tough to know when people are ready to book.

Sure, some folks who land on your website will be looking to buy right away. But that’s often the minority of people.

What usually ends up happening is that they bounce from site to site as they research their trip. They might scan hundreds of pages over the course of a few weeks (TripAdvisor, travel blogs, OTA sites) before figuring out the details of their trip.

So even if your content is fantastic or your sales promotion is amazing, most travelers will forget about your website (and your brand) because they’ll have been exposed to so many different messages while doing their travel research.

That’s why you shouldn’t rely 100% on your website to close the deal. Instead, you should…

1) Optimize your website to attract more leads

This includes using landing pages and “opt-in bait” such as free guides or ebooks to build a high-quality email list.

2) Create email strategies that turn leads into friends

Build a relationship with your leads by e-mailing them inspiring or useful content that matches where they are in the travel-planning process. Reduce any anxieties they might have about their trip while positioning your company as a trusted expert.

3) Send offers that convert friends into customers

When the time is right, send a targeted offer to a segment of your subscribers that gives them exactly what they want. Now, you’re a friend selling to a friend — not a business just trying to make a buck. And that means you’ll see huge gains in overall bookings.

But turning leads into customers isn’t easy. It takes lots of research, planning and an understanding of traveler/consumer psychology. And that’s where the skills of a certified e-mail messaging professional can help.

Tailor-made email strategies

Are you just starting to build up your subscribers? Or maybe your company has thousands of leads, but you’re not getting the conversion rate you want.

No matter where you are with your e-mail marketing, I can help you squeeze even more ROI from your list. My services include:

  • Writing high-converting email copy.
  • Building landing pages for lead generation.
  • Creating “opt-in bait’ such as free guides or ebooks.
  • Conducting customer research to create data-driven email strategies.
  • Plotting and creating full travel autoresponder campaigns.

Why hire me as your email strategist & copywriter?

  • I’ve helped both travel startups and major brands like CruiseOne with their email marketing.
  • Companies have seen a 5-10 times return on their investment from my sales emails and autoresponder campaigns. Get in touch if you’d like to see some samples of my work.
  • I understand the complexities of the travel sales funnel.
  • I’m the only conversion-focused copywriter that specializes in the travel industry.
  • I’m certified in email messaging from MECLABS.

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