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What if your copy worked like a stunning photo?

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How The Right Copywriting Strategy Can Help Your Travel Business Grow

Would you post a bunch of grey, blurry images on your travel website? Of course not.

You know that beautiful photos of sky-piercing mountains, silky-soft beaches and other stunning locales help people imagine themselves on vacation. And the more they think about that trip or hotel room, the more they’ll want it. That’s simply how the human brain works.

Your written website content is no different. Much like enticing photos, vivid copywriting gets your prospects daydreaming about the experience your business provides. It helps them hear the rumble of the ocean surf or imagine the crisp, pine-spiced mountain air; it lets them feel the tropical sun on their skin or taste the salty-cool tang of a margarita.

The words sell by activating the prospects’ imaginations. Now here’s the catch:

Vivid, emotive travel writing will only help your online bookings if the writer understands your audience.

Before crafting even a single word, your copywriter must understand:

  • Exactly who your target audience is
  • What type of travel experiences they want
  • What prevents prospects from becoming customers
  • The natural language your audience uses
  • How past customers describe your business
  • What prospects think of your competitors

Without this research, it’s impossible to know whether or not what you’re saying will resonate with prospects.

So really, effective copywriting — the kind that earns giant spikes in conversions — is more about finding the right messages rather than the right words. And unless you figure that out, your website content will be about as effective as a grey, fuzzy photo.

So in addition to actually writing the copy, here are the main 3 services I provide to help your travel or tourism business grow.

I find the messages that’ll fire up your conversions

So where do these high-converting messages come from? Not from inside your copywriter’s head, that’s for sure. You can only find them from the stand-out things you read and hear when analyzing Voice of Customer data. This includes:

  • Customer surveys & interviews
  • TripAdvisor reviews
  • Comments on blogs, forums & social media
  • Results from usability tools like UserTesting

I’ve trained with superstar conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe (of Copy Hackers) on how to properly find and analyze this Voice of Customer data in order to dig up messages that will give you a nice, juicy spike in conversions.

In fact, the messages I dig up might also influence how your website is designed and what photographs you decide to use.

I help differentiate your business from the competition

Does your website make it 100% clear why your travel brand is different from the competition? Does it immediately highlight what your travel company or hotel does better than everyone else?

If not, you might be letting hundreds of leads and sales slip away. But by working with me, I’ll help you nail down a strong value proposition for your brand that will guide your future marketing efforts.

And once we get this right, then your travel business will really get folks talking.

I develop (or maintain) a ‘voice’ that’ll boost your brand

A company’s written voice is powerful stuff: it helps define your brand’s personality and can create an instant bond with the reader. When done well, it makes your audience realize that you “get them.”

This is especially important for tourism and travel-related businesses. No traveler wants to book a hotel room or go on a tour that will make them feel like an outsider. If the copy for your hip resort sounds like a 60-year-old accountant wrote it, some of your best prospects won’t bother clicking onto your amenities page.

To boost online bookings, you need to know what type of language will resonate and build trust with the specific travelers most likely to do business with you. And yep, it all comes back to finding the right messages.

But if your brand already has an established voice, that’s great! I’ll make sure the style and tone of your business shines through in every piece of copy I write.

But maybe you don’t need ALL of this…

My copywriting services aren’t an all-or-nothing deal. I’ll customize a package just for your business, that way you get only the content and customer research that will give you the biggest ROI.

So if you think your value proposition is already rock-solid, I’m not going to try and get you to re-do it. That’d be silly. But I would like to work with you long-term to maximize the results of your investment in copywriting. This might include follow-ups and running A/B tests.

Here’s quick summary of everything I offer:

  • SEO keyword research so your copy ranks well in search engines
  • Research to find the messages that will connect with your audience
  • Development of a tone of voice for your brand
  • Development of a value proposition to differentiate your business
  • In-depth assessments of your current website content and your competitors’ content
  • Follow-up meetings and A/B testing to help you maximize ROI from your copy

Not comfortable with updating your website? No problem — if you’re using WordPress, I can tackle the technical stuff for you as well.

And because every travel brand’s needs are different, I don’t provide a set per-page price structure. Ask me for a quote to get exact pricing.

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