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Build Leads And Boost Your Digital Brand With Tourism Content Marketing

Blog posts alone won’t get results — you need articles built on an effective content marketing strategy. One that uses persuasive copywriting, social media and market research to connect with your ideal customer. Here’s how my content strategies work:

Determine how best to engage your audience

I do market research and use SEO keyword tools to find out what type of content your prospects are looking for. I also dig deep into who they really are. What motivates them? What are their most pressing problems? Then I develop a style guide and content strategy that outlines how I plan to connect with your target audience, build trust and earn you more qualified leads.

Write core content and evaluate

Once I understand your prospects and how to engage them, my writers and I create a batch of articles based on this research. This core content reflects your company’s main values and unique selling proposition; it captures what your business is all about while attracting traffic with useful, engaging content. Emphasis on useful. I follow up with you later to discuss how the initial articles performed and what improvements could be made.

Connect on social media

Creating content is only half the job. Unless you proactively promote all those great articles and images with social media, no one will notice them.

You probably already have a presence on Twitter, Facebook or Pintrest, but are you following the right people? Those with influence in your niche? Bloggers most likely to re-tweet your content? Are you participating in Google+ communities? Are you writing guest posts? I help you with all of this to ensure your travel blog gets noticed.

Hassle-free tourism content marketing packages

Although I’d prefer to customize a plan just for your business, I do offer two broad packages:

Standard package
A budget-friendly option for travel marketers who want to handle their own social media engagement and update their own blogs each week.
– four articles per month with a maximum of 500 words each
– SEO keyword research to maximize ranking in search engines

Premium package
Save time by letting me manage your blog and social media campaigns. No messing around with formatting or getting the meta tag just right — I’ll handle all aspects of your content marketing. You get everything in the Standard Package, plus:
– at least one image per blog article
– regular content promotion on two social media networks
– management of your entire blog – weekly posting, formatting and SEO optimization of content
– monitoring of metrics (such as traffic & bounce rate) to make adjustments as needed to your content strategy
– a monthly update on how your blog is performing

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mug-murrayDustin Walker is a conversion-focused copywriter who helps travel businesses grow. He believes that persuasive writing is about more than words -- it's about uncovering messages that resonate with travelers. Find out more about him by clicking here.

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